Welcome to the 26th Prix Marulić!



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Adriana Kramarić, Prix Marulić Artistic Director

Adriana Kramarić, Prix Marulić Artistic Director

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 26th Prix Marulic – the festival that uses the architecture of the past for the audio of the future.

The various and unique sounding spaces and places of Hvar have a particular magic. Almost every environment has an aural architecture. The audible attributes of physical space have always contributed to the fabric of human culture – whether that be the unique acoustics of a cave with prehistoric paintings, the open air theatres of classical Greece, the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London, the glories of Notre Dame – or any of the great concert halls and theatres all over the world.

Though Hvar might not be that grand it is certainly unique for it has not one, but many such special places. On top of that, Hvar has many faces to show: it has History, sacred and profane; Nature – wild and cultivated; Theatre – as a central foundation of the town.

Although our productions have been crafted for Radio, these old, almost eternal spaces, bring a different dimension to our work. Just as our experience of music in a concert hall depends on whether we sit in the front row, back row, up in the balcony or under the balcony, the striking spaces of Hvar bring different resonances to our sounds, different lives almost.

So let me, once again, express our gratitude to the City of Hvar and all its kindhearted residents for helping us to be here and for making all our wishes come true.

Our pre-selection juries had a demanding job once again: out of 83 submissions from 25 countries, they selected 34 programs that are about to captivate our attention. Huge thanks to all the participants – Prix Marulić veterans as well as newcomers, radio artists and jury members, for we are sure they will all inspire and provoke us in equal measure.

And last but not least – the old texts entered the digital era! Our 26th edition of Prix Marulić will be remembered as the first paperless one. We hope that those of you who will be joining us on Hvar will kindly embrace your festival tablets for a week. This is our small token to help save the beautiful trees around us. And in return, each precious orange tree will give you its luscious shade to use your tablet and immerse yourself in the sound and beauty.

We can't wait to see you there!

Adriana Kramarić

Prix Marulic Artistic Director

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