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25th Prix Marulić Jury Coordinators

25th Prix Marulić Jury Coordinators

25th Prix Marulić Jury Coordinators

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Nadia Molinari
Audio drama producer/director

Nadia Molinari has over 30-year experience as a director. From 1991-2001 she worked in live performance directing theatre, opera and contemporary dance with UK based companies such as Contact Theatre, Crucible Theatre, Third Estate Dance and Opera North. She joined BBC Audio Drama North in 2001 where she still works as an audio drama producer.

For the BBC she has produced and directed over 200 productions of original dramas and series, dramatisations and drama-documentaries. She has also collaborated with BBC Philharmonic Orchestra on productions including Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera, Elgar’s The Crown of India and most recently Brecht’s The Mother that was performed in front of an audience at BBC Contains Strong Language Festival. She has directed productions in binaural and surround sound including a production of Pinocchio in 24-speaker surround sound. She has also recorded dramas on location including at Hay-on-Wye Literature Festival, Latitude Music Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Her audio productions have won several awards including: Grand Prix Marulic for Orpheus and Eurydice by Linda Marshall Griffiths in 2016; Grand Prix Nova binaural category for Martha by Thomas Pickles in 2018; BBC Radio & Music Best Drama Award for On Kosovo Field by PJ Harvey and Fin Kennedy in 2017; a number of her productions have also won BBC Audio Drama Awards for Best Sound and Best Adaptation and in 2017 The Sky is Wider by Linda Marshall Griffiths won Best Single Drama.

Nikica Klobučar
Editor in Croatian Radio's Drama department – Documentary program

Nikica Klobučar is the author of dozens of documentary radio drama programs, several of which were noticed at international festivals, including Leon and Kata which was awarded the Grand Prix at the festival Prix Italia in 2008. He also produced award-winning shows as an editor, including the 2021 Grand Prix Marulić for the radio documentary The Day I shall not forget for the rest of my Life, Silver Microphone at the New York Festival’s Radio Awards for the same documentary, and the Croatian Journalist Society Award Velebitska Degenija for environmental journalism for the radio documentary Sound Collector, Ivo Vičić.

Born in Zagreb in 1977. Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb with a major in philosophy and art history. Starting off his career as a freelance artist and art critic, he has now been working in the audio industry as a radio journalist, author, producer and editor for more than 20 years.

Since 2010, he had been employed as a journalist and editor in the News Department of Croatian Radio in the Culture and Science division which covers cultural events: reporting for news shows and producing and hosting thematic and specialized programs (Catapulture, Movement Point, Free Style, etc.). Since 2016, he has been working as an editor/producer at Croatian Radio-Television Drama Departement, producing documentaries, and the Roaming in Sound programme, 30-minutes free-style travelogues.

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