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Prix Marulić 2021 - Welcome!

Prix Marulić 2021

Prix Marulić 2021

Foto: HRA / HRA

This sickness doth infect the very lifeblood of our enterprise” – words spoken by Hotspur in Henry IV and written by Shakespeare, an artist who knew all about the effects plague had on live performance then in his time, and now sounds like an ominous prediction while we have new plague that has caused havoc internationally now in our time.

Last March, when we suddenly realized that it would not be possible to organize the 24th Prix Marulić in Hvar, we decided to postpone it for the time being.

The Prix Marulić Festival is an international event that has been warmly embraced by radio makers and artists from all over the world for over two decades. Listening to the selected works amongst the historical sites of the beautiful island of Hvar, surrounded by nature, in an idyll of culture and peace, inspired by great work, meetings, discussions and making friends, has been a great privilege over the years for many of us.

Unfortunately, no one imagined then that we would still face such pressing challenges a year later. But here we are, only this time we wouldn't even dare to consider the possibility of having a „live“ festival on the enchanting island of Hvar.

In the meantime our lives have radically changed and – along with all of the other unimaginable things – we have got used to online meetings, friendships, performances and, yes, even radio festivals.

My greatest wish would be to welcome you all in person, and announce the 24th edition of our festival at Hvar's Piazza, or Saint Marc's courtyard on 24th of May 2021.

Instead, we are thankful that we will be able to discuss our works virtually, in everyday sessions and to listen to all of the programs on our website because – like every international audio festival in the world at present – we have moved online. And bearing in mind the uncertain future of the world, we hope you will join us for a round table discussion scheduled on 28th of May, discussing „The Future of Audio Drama Festivals in the post-pandemic landscape“.

This year's edition includes 38 selected programs from 20 countries. We are proud that even after 23 years of its existence Prix Marulić still motivates the contemporary authors to re-examine old texts to reframe them as visions of the present and even the future.

The past year has been a difficult one, a year in which we were deprived of lots of things but if we learned anything it is the fact that we need each other. Would anyone dare to predict what our society will look like after this crisis? 

How important will its cultural reflection be through artists, through aesthetics, through new creations and ideas? Perhaps we are at the beginning of a new era?

Certainly the presence of international festivals will be even more essential.

Stay safe. We can’t wait to see you.

Prix Marulić 2021

Prix Marulić 2021

Foto: Jasmina Cviljak / HRA

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