08:54 / 05.05.2021.

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Prix Marulić 2021

Prix Marulić 2021

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Roundtable discussion: Future of audio drama festivals in post-pandemic landscape

We have witnessed that almost all international audio drama festivals have been or would be organised online for a second year running. This round table session aims to speak about a specific impact of the Covid-19 crisis on audio drama festivals and pose the question if new technical tools/methods facilitate or limit communication between audio professionals (authors, producers, sound engineers, actors, composers, etc.) discussing recently produced audio works. What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual festivals? Is it, perhaps, appropriate to embrace a hybrid festival working model of analysing radiophonic works — part-in person, part-remote ? What kind of collaborative liaisons are possible between existing audio drama festivals? Being at this very moment between our headphones and common online meetings we would like to incite discussion of what the future holds for audio drama festivals in the frame of a post-pandemic media world.

We are honoured to have such distinguished keynote speakers such as Alison Hindell (BBC), Reto Ott (Swiss Radio and Television), Oana Cristea Grigorescu (Radio Romania) and Anne Lepère (freelancer, Belgium).

All participants of 24th Prix Marulić Festival are very much welcome to participate in the roundtable and share their thoughts, questions, answers, doubts, propositions.

Moderators: Katja Šimunić (Croatian Radio) and Stephanie Jamnicky (Croatian Radio).

Date: 28th May 2021 at 12:00 via Zoom

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