Prix Marulić - International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas



Autor: HRA

Marko Marulić

Marko Marulić

Foto: Mladen Vuković / HRT/Radio Split

Prix Marulic – Old Texts Revisited is an annual festival of audio plays and documentaries based on texts from literary and cultural heritage.

At Prix Marulic, radio professionals from all over the world join each other and present their audio pieces. The aim is to encourage original radiophonic expression through the interpretation of old texts, using these texts as a template, origin, and challenge.

The festival is dedicated to the radiophonic re- examination of heritage, through the acoustic synergy of tradition and modernity, experimenting with sound and form through a mix of drama, documentaries and sound art.

It is unique thanks to the ambiance that the morning and afternoon listening sessions take place in.

In the evening, discussions are held and everyone is welcome to join the jury and participate in the talks about the presented programs of that day .

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